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Proprietary, Auction-Free Deal Sourcing

Deal Sourcing, Your Way

Making Valuable Connections

We connect buyers and sellers based on values first.  75% of deals die due to complications on the softer side of the deal.  Employment agreements, employee retention, lost trust, misaligned goals and incentives.  We work with sellers to have a deep understanding of their goals, so that when we make the connection both sides know that it's a cultural fit.

Facilitating Relationships

This is a relationship business.  We don't get in the way of you and the seller learning about each other on a personal level.  We believe that by aligning culturally and personally, you and the seller will have the best chance at the most positive outcome for your investment.

Low Pricing

We are not in the business of getting rich on retainers.  Our retainer fees are strictly to cover the cost of searching, qualifying and managing the process of acquiring a business.  We get paid when a successful transaction closes, and your retainers are credited back to the success fee.

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