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Considering Your Next Phase is a BIG Deal

At Cross Key Partners we are on a mission to create lasting value for both business owners and investors.  We do this by connecting buyers and sellers on the basis of values and transition goals first, and company characteristics second.  We believe that the basis of every good partnership lies in these fundamentals, and the short and long-term outcomes are directly correlated with the alignment of culture, goals and incentives.

Why Partner With Us?

Exit Planning

Whether you have a detailed plan already prepared or are just starting out, we help define your strategy, establish a timeline, and evaluate any up-front changes in equity ownership.

Risk Assessments

You have already built a great business, but how will you put your best foot forward when it's time to make a transition?  Do you know what the risks are in your business that will devalue the purchase price?

Preferred Partners

We have partnered with several firms to offer you financial statement preparation, proof of cash, tax planning & gifting services, and personal asset planning.  

Best of All

On Your Side

We are not in the business of getting rich off retainer fees, like some other firms.  Our retainers are 100% to cover the cost of preparing and marketing your business for sale, and they are 100% credited back towards the success fee at the time of a successful close!

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