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Logistics & 3PL

Industry Landscape

The logistics industry is worth $250 billion in the US, and expected to grow at a 3-4% CAGR through 2029.  There are over 30K businesses headquartered in the US, servicing domestic and international transportation and warehousing.

M&A Trends

The recent dynamics of the market have brought about positive changes in valuations within the space. In 2020-2021, supply chain challenges and low interest rates led to outsized valuations, allowing PE buyers to offer more competitive prices. However, in today's market, valuations have adjusted to more favorable levels. The current market conditions present a promising landscape for investors seeking value and growth in the industry.

CKP Advantage

With our extensive experience in handling numerous deals, CKP is well-equipped to assist you in evaluating a business's financials, determining its valuation, and identifying potential red flags. Don't entrust your acquisition to someone lacking in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry. Doing so may result in overpaying for the asset. Let us be your trusted guide throughout the acquisition process to ensure a successful and well-informed transaction.

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